Marion Swimming Club has existed for over thirty years and continues to be a strength in competitive swimming in South Australia. Catering for a varying membership, our aim is to the be the best swimming club in the state.

To achieve this aim, MSC has adopted a strategic plan addressing eight key areas, our ‘8 Steps To Success’.

1. Emphasise and enhance a “culture of improvement, growth and success” in all activities of the Marion Swimming Club.

2. Build and maintain a strong financial base to support current swimming programs and future investments needs.

3. Progress and maintain a high level of swimming performance by Marion Swimming Club at state and national level competition.

4. Develop processes and documents for welcoming and engaging
with all new members of the Club.

5. Maintain regular liaison and engagement with the peak bodies of swimming and other community networks.

6. Promote and target an optimum level of membership which coincides with club planning and resource allocation.

7. Secure the long term commitment of coaches and raise the profile of coaching personnel through education and mentoring.

8. Enhance relationships and invest in systems which will provide access to high quality water space and support facilities for training and competition.

Be a part of the Marion Swimming Club and join with us in our exciting growth and success.