Purchase of Unallocated Lanes

Swimming SA allow unallocated lanes to be purchased at regular meets if you meet the age criteria. This allows for late/last minute/last blast nominations.

The  cost is per swim which has to be paid in cash (no change available) to the Marion Team Manager on the day of the swim, if the lane is available. Swimming SA then invoices the club.

To purchase a lane, you have to find the Team Manager at the start of the relevant session warm-up and hand them a completed copy of the Request for Unallocated Lane Sales Form along with the appropriate money in an envelope with the swimmer’s name and chosen events/s written on the front. This form is available in the Forms Area of the Swimming SA website – please check cost on the form.

The Team Manager then signs off on the form and requests those lanes at the Team Manager’s meeting; there may well be other swimmers requesting the same lanes, so it’s first come, best dressed! An additional heat won’t be put on for last minute nominations, so it’s only possible if there are spare lanes in a heat.

Once the psych sheet (start list) is put up on the Swimming SA website a few days before the meet, you will be able to work out if there are any spare lanes (i.e. if there are 24 swimmers in a particular event you know there will be 6 spare lanes in Heat 1).

The swimmer’s time and swim will be recorded with an ‘X’ before the time, which means the time can’t qualify for club points, but is still a valid entry time for Swimming SA events.