Give yourself the best chance of success…

Technique specific training is now available to all Marion Swimming Club Members. Download flyer

Any squad level member looking to tweak their technique is able to book a session with Coach Tiff Teh
Contact Tiff to make a booking: [email protected]

Fridays from 5.30pm

Saturdays from 7am

30 mins, 1:1 $30 p/person
30 mins, 1:2 $25 p/person
30 mins, 1:3 $20 p/person
Special pack:
4x 30 mins, 1:1 $100

Payments must be made at frontline

Terms and conditions:
– Limited times are available and are subject to change
– Arranged on a first come, first served basis
– 24 hours notice is required for a change of time, absence or other cancellation
– Fees must be paid at least 48 hours in advance. Fees not paid prior to 48 hours may result in the
cancellation of your registration
– No refunds will be given after payment is made
– Docket must be presented to Tiff at the beginning of the training session
– 1 month expiry on all single sessions; 3 months expiry on 4 pack, 1:1