Coach – Nick Moore
Silver Squad – Hunter

Squad placement is based on meeting minimum criteria (see below), commitment and performance. There may be times when the Coaching Cohort will exercise discretion based on injury, illness, study and mental wellbeing which will be addressed with the individual on a case by case basis.


  • Female Athlete is 13 years or over as at National Age Championships.
  • Male athlete is 14 years or over as at National Age Championships.
  • Athlete has swum a National Age Long-Course qualifying time for 100m or above. (Age as of date of National Age meet) Check Swimming Australia’s website for current Qualifying Times or has achieved 2 times from the qualifying standards below (100m upwards).
    Hunter Qualifying Times
  • Open Water Athletes will be considered based on their race performance, commitment, training ability and attendance, confirmed via the Athlete Agreement.
  • Multiclass athletes will be considered based on both their race performance, commitment, training ability and attendance, confirmed via the Athlete Agreement.
  • All athletes must be registered members of Marion Swimming Club (MSC).

Silver Squad is an elite age group squad and a privilege to be a part of. Its aim is to achieve optimum results at State and National level add to facilitate a pathway to Gold squad. As a result, the following key criteria must be considered:

  • 100% agreed training sessions via the Athlete agreement. Note: This squad offers 9 available training sessions per week including swim, dryland and yoga. This is a holistic program that supports optimum performance and outcomes. To fall below these required training sessions will require a meeting with your Coach, re-assessment of goals and a performance plan to be implemented.
  • Squad placement will be reviewed after the National Open and Age Long-Course Championships each season. There will be no guarantee that a squad place will be held if these criteria are not met.
  •  If, due to unforeseen circumstances, an athlete cannot meet these criteria, please request a meeting one on one with the Head Coach to address.Our coaching cohort are here to listen, support and encourage you on your journey as an athlete and help you achieve your optimum performance.
    The Coaching team will endeavour to:
    • Motivate and encourage
    • Inspire on-going improvement
    • Support athletes in their journey through physical & mental challenges and school demands
    • Act with integrity

• From time to time and at the Coach’s discretion, athletes may be invited to join this training group. At this time the athlete must agree to the above expectations. A signed agreement indicating the athlete’s commitment will be requested.
• Qualifying times must have been achieved in a 50m long course pool at a registered meet.

Swimming Schedule

Monday 5.00am – 5.15am Dryland
5.15am – 7.00am
(with Gold)
5.00pm – 6.00pm Dryland/Bootcamp
6.00pm – 7.30pm
Tuesday 4.00pm – 4.15pm Dryland
4.15pm – 5.45pm
Wednesday 5.00am – 5.15am Dryland
5.15am – 7.00am
Thursday 5.00am – 5.15am Dryland
5.15am – 7.00am
(with Gold)
4.00pm – 4.15pm Dryland
4.15pm – 6.00pm
6.00pm – 7.00pm Strength Training
Friday 5.15pm – 7.30pm
Saturday 5.00am – 5.15am Dryland
5.15am – 7.00am
7.00am – 8.00am Strength Training)

Coach Bio – Nick Moore

Nick grew up in Adelaide where he started his coaching career. After moving to Cairns in 2010, he took up an assistant coaching role at Marlin Coast swimming club. He remained an assistant coach at the club for 4 years before taking on the role of Head Coach for a further year. He worked as Head Coach at the Mossman Swimming Club before deciding to take the opportunity to coach at SAALC for Marion Swimming Club.

State Squad