Welcome to the new Marion Swimming Club Shopping Cart! 

Before you get started there are a few things you need to know.

  • MSC prefer payment via PayPal to purchase your uniform through the shopping cart. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can open an account for free HERE.
  • Alternatively, MSC can accept payment by credit card.
  • You can make payment once you have completed your order.
  • Every swimmer will be required to purchase the basic compulsory uniform items, either:
  1. Starter Pack 1: Polo Shirt, Track Top & Shorts; or
  2. Starter Pack 2: Polo Shirt, Track Top & Track Pants

There is a 15% discount on the items within these packs.

Each uniform item has an individual size chart, so please check which size you need to order for each item, on that item page. You can of course order additional items too (e.g. swimwear, singlet, hoodie, caps).

You have the choice of having your swimmer’s surname (only) printed on any uniform top (i.e. polo, singlet, track top or hoodie) for an additional $12 per item. You can personalise your order with your surname on the item page.

Presuming we have reached our minimum order quantity (required to keep prices down), we will be placing our first bulk order with Engine Swimwear on 9 November 2015 to allow for delivery by SA State Championships.

Please ensure your order is completed NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 6 NOVEMBER to ensure you make this first order.

If you have any uniform-related questions, please email us HERE.

To start shopping, click HERE.