Interstate and Overseas Meets

If you are planning on attending an interstate or overseas meet, either as an individual or with a MSC squad, you will need to:

  • complete an ‘Application to Compete outside of SA’. These forms are available in the Forms Area of the Swimming SA website.
  • email the Nominations Officer at [email protected].

The MSC Nominations Officer will obtain results of the meet to include in the Marion SC database.

 If you do not have this clearance, you WILL NOT be allowed to swim at an interstate/overseas meet.

The nominations deadline for an interstate meet is two weeks before the interstate deadline.

(NOTE: This does not apply to National competitions swum interstate or to meets organised by the State Coach or Swimming SA/Swimming Australia, as clearance is pre-arranged for these meets).

If you have any other questions please feel free to email the nominations officer at [email protected]